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Summer nights, events and celebrations in Crete

by / Thursday, 28 March 2013 / Published in Chania, Crete

The Cretans have always loved the arts and events, in which they can come into contact and break the boredom of everyday life. On summer evenings in various cities of the island various events are held, such as craft fairs and festivals of theater, music, film and dance. Even the Saint’s Day celebrations are always decorated with the Cretan lyra and dances in village squares or churches, bringing traditions to the surface that keep from Minoan Crete.

Many are the concerts that take place on stages, archaeological sites, the walls of cities or in small theater in the countryside.

Many are the holidays that have been associated with a product of a village, which is always an opportunity for a great traditional feast. Potato feasts, wine  soft cheese, and snails are some of the feasts accompanied by free trial of traditional products of each region. Many are the events that make various cultural clubs like beach party, sporting events, fishing competitions, etc.

When the short winter comes, the appetite for celebrations does not stop. People gather in distilleries, in which the process of distilling raki soon turns into a traditional feast with dancing and music. During carnival time, the streets fill with dresses people in carnival costumes.

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