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Kato Stalo
Stalos, Chania 73 110, Greece
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Experience Chania

Welcome to Chania,

a picturesque and beautiful city with scattered remnants of the past found in every corner you turn.

The city is divided into two parts:
The city centre which is the center of commercial activity of Chania with its renowned Municipal Market and the old town built around the Venetian harbor with its numerous picturesque cobbled streets and unique Venetian architecture and old fortress.

Chania is a city which has a mix of ancient history and modern facilities, and a variety of engaging pursuits. From the busy city centre to the popular beach resorts to the isolated pristine coves and quaint seaside and mountain villages which maintain their own lifestyle.

The very famous Samaria Gorge, the White Mountains of Crete, steep beaches of the Libyan sea and pristine beaches make the island of Crete an ideal holiday destination.

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